Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blog? University? Stress?

Here's to the beginning of my new life... my new life as an "adult". Everything' starting to feel so surreal, as I watch tv adverts talking about going back to school my stomach does a 180. All these emotions come crashing down at once! I'm not going back to high school... I'm starting Uni?!?

A part of me is excited to start the path to my career (my real life career?! eeek!) but sadly, my anxiety is over weighing. I'm going to have to go to a school that's about an hour away from my home (not to mention the 3 hour commute by bus & sky train bleh -_-). I'm going to go to a place where I know NO ONE. I have to figure everything out on my own. I'm so freaking scared,  I can't even cope. University makes me want to vomit and I haven't even started.

 With my new life, I wanted to take up a new hobby? if this is considered a hobby (in my burrito life it is ok so shhh). I want to start blogging and vlogging! Yes, I have a tumblr and a twitter but I feel like I can't express myself on those "social network" sites properly, too many judgmental people (maybe this sites' worse but lets give it a go ya?).  No one's going to read this and I won't end up as popular as Zoella but what's the worse than can happen if I try.

I'm going to talk about the struggles of being a newbie in Uni, my oh so exciting groupie career (err I don't sleep around with band boys I go to many concerts that is all silly folks!) , boy life, fashion, coffee addiction,etc. I hope people do end up reading this, it would be cool if I got to meet people and even help others through this.

My first post might be bland but this is just a tester.. give me a chance and this will get better haha until then.

peace & love

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